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Greetings from the Merry Donovan and Michael Frankum household

Longtime residents or actually fixtures now here on the Island, Merry and Michael know how to get the best out of this beautiful community. Avid boaters and divers, nothing beats a day on the water! Merry and Michael met on the job some 30 years ago. They are both top-producing real estate agents and investors, not only on the Island but our entire beach community. They have some-what of an unusual hobby- the love for all things Geochelone! Their meticulously landscaped backyard is dedicated to all thing tortoise. Merry, also a herpetologist {the study of reptiles}, is affectionately known as the Turtle Lady by friends and neighbors. It’s not unusual for her to receive a phone call about a displaced turtle and rescue it. They do have traditional four –legged friends, the family dogs, Dingo and Bella. Dingo boasts being somewhat of a local celebrity, and if he’s not spotted riding around in his personal dog taxi, you might find an additional 5 dogs visiting his home for an impromptu dog party.

In their free time, Merry and Michael love to travel. Some favorite spots are the Galapagos Islands in search of giant tortoises, and to Belize to swim with sea turtles. Their next adventure will take them to the Amazon river basin, in search of the elusive Pink Dolphin. Community and family play a huge role in their lives. Along with Merry being a member at large for the IECA and Clearwater Yacht Club, Merry and the Beach Print Shack and Post office host the” Dog Days of Summer”, a fundraiser here on our Island to raise funds for the Suncoast Animal League and to share food and drinks with the community they love so well.

Giving back has become a lifestyle and when Merry and Michael discovered a neighbor, blind in his 90s and living in deplorable conditions, they soon found their latest and greatest rescue. “Finding Nicholas was the best thing that ever happened to us”. Along with getting him into safe housing, weekly visits along with meeting his medical and emotional needs; this part-time job caring for a senior has made them strong advocates for the protection of seniors and their welfare. Merry and Michael just helped Nicholas celebrate his 99th birthday!!

This happy and unusual family agrees there is no place like home in Island Estates!